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Stainless steel is found in every place we go and in everything we do.

Stainless steel will make up the vast material in many of today’s major industries to ensure the efficient delivery of services to their markets. And for good measure, stainless steel’s smooth surface, resistance to rust, sanitary qualities, durability and low maintenance make it a top choice. What’s more, stainless steel is 100% recyclable!

Leading among these industries are architecture and construction, power and energy including mining and oil refining, transportation on land, sea and air, electronics, food processing and agriculture, sanitation engineering, pharmaceutical and medical production.

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Sanyo Seiki Philippines

We Embrace Climate Change and Act on it

It is a known fact that new technology, depleting resources as well as the need to address climate change, have brought new challenges to our world. Choosing the right company from among the available stainless steel suppliers that can provide the right grade and specifications for the various applications is mission critical. Value and assurance of quality cannot be overstated.

Sanyo Seiki, as the leading manufacturer of stainless steel products in the Philippines, is at the forefront of manufacturing machinery and innovation. The company proved its worth as a serious player in the industrial sector by applying international standards in the manufacturing process. It also applied the quality management system in its operational systems in producing first-grade stainless steel products.

Passed the Highest Standards

Having obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification as proof of following high quality standards, it serves as our best guarantee that all our steel supply have undergone rigid quality tests before they are released from our plants.

At the outset of any client’s inquiry, we make sure their needs are addressed when we ascertain the application of stainless steel, the environment in which it will be used and subjected to, and when we provide the most relevant information on the products and after sale services.

Our own employees are knowledgeable on the chemical composition of stainless steel, the various grades that are more suitable for human consumption and production of ultra-sensitive devices, and they give comprehensive advice on how to make stainless steel everlasting.

The longevity of our products, proven methods, integrated services and decades of experience are factors that make us the leading and only manufacturer of high-end stainless steel in the country.

Sanyo Seiki Philippines

Hands down, our customers know they made the right investment decision by choosing Sanyo Seiki.

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