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Sanyo Seiki Stainless Steel Corporation is the  top manufacturer of  stainless steel in the Philippines.  It answers the ever increasing demand and 21st century’s indispensable need for high quality, reasonably-priced stainless steel products for many industries.

It first began as MCC Industrial Sales Corporation that was established by Pablo Chan as a trading firm  that pioneered in selling stainless steel in the Philippines in 1972.

Years later, his son, Gregory, integrated the trading firm that his father started but this time focus on manufacturing.  This market expansion motivated him to build several plants  to cater to a bigger clientele.  When it was registered at the Securities Exchange Commission on January 18, 1995, Sanyo Seiki Stainless Steel Corporation was born.   From then on it had focused on giving high quality stainless steel products to various customers  through the channel of  hardware stores.  Amidst the economic challenges,  the company built a harmonious relationship and trust with its customers in thoroughgoing business partnerships for more than 25 years.


Stainless pumps, valves, fittings, connectors, liners, springs, silos, and pipes are used to manage the flow of oil and gas from under the sea, bring electricity to cities and energize cars and other forms of transportation on land, air and sea: from lightrails and ships to aerospace vehicles.

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Oil Pipelines

In construction and architecture, stainless steel is used as premium-looking and reliable claddings for exteriors and interiors as well as durable roofing and gutter material, balustrades and railings, and electrical and sewage fittings.

In sanitation engineering, stainless steel pipes in the Philippines become an ideal conduit for wastewater before it is sent back into our water systems. It is used as material for low maintenance drainage, sewage, and pumping applications for the management of industrial waste, mine tailings, and oxygenation of rivers and lakes.

Cleaning Construction For A Sewage Treatment

Similar to the complexities of the mining industry, the high costs of mining often done in a hostile environment makes stainless steel a material of choice for its durability, corrosion-resistant property and easy to clean surface. Needless to say, its heat resistance is another reason to use stainless steel in mining operations.

The health industry is in constant motion: developing new machines and discovering new medications to better quality of life. Hygiene and sanitary conditions are of utmost importance to the medical practitioners and their patients. Stainless steel is used for medical-grade implements – from surgical blades and dental pliers to spoons and bed pans as well as component parts of medical equipment.

The hospitality industry requires stainless steel kitchens, pots, pans and sterling chafing dishes and silverware to service the discriminating tastes and high level of sophistication of their clients.


The food and agriculture industry requires a high standard of sanitation and hygiene to deliver food that is free from fungus and bacteria. Stainless steel’s smooth surface and excellent corrosion resistance qualities make it an ideal material for use in storing harvested food items, dairy products, seafood and a wide array of delicacies that require low temperature toughness.

Foreseeing a greater demand for its products in the future, the company has established three stainless steel manufacturing plants in Laguna, Bulacan, and Navotas. From these strategic locations, we process stainless steel sheets, plates, tubes, bars and pipes locally enabling costs to go down, profits to go up, and the country’s economy to expand.

Today, Sanyo Seiki Stainless Steel Corporation has grown from supplying the local market with quality stainless steel products to exporting globally.

Our continuous investments in machinery and facilities have been a remarkable testament to meeting the expanding needs of our vast clientele. Since its registration as a company in 1995, it has given its own contribution to the growth and sustainability of key industries.

This, coupled with our reputation for on-time delivery and customer service, has made us a favourite among our clients that made up the major companies in the Philippines and in Asia Pacific Region.

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