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The Ferrari of the Stainless Steel Industry

With the brands, Allegeni and Smith Muller, that Sanyo Seiki Stainless Steel Corporation carries, this stainless steel company has become known as the Ferrari of the stainless steel industry. And like the best cars that made their mark in history for its innovation, workmanship and sought-after qualities of durability, strength and design, Allegeni plates and sheets and Smith Muller tubes, bars, and pipes have not failed to deliver.

The largest supplier of stainless steel products has perfected this art, has followed the stringest standards and received this seal of distinction when it obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 for Quality Management Systems.

To date, it is voluntarily following the Philippine National Standards for stainless steel under the Bureau of Philippine Standards.

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In addition to in-process control during manufacture and fabrication, stainless steels must meet specifications developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) with regard to mechanical properties such as toughness and corrosion resistance.

Through the years, Sanyo Seiki company and its products stood out among the stainless steel brands in the Philippines mainly for the following reasons:
  • From a wide range of products coming from Allegeni sheets and plates, Smith Muller boasts of a variety of stainless steel tubes, pipes and bars. This leading stainless steel supplier makes it its business to be of service to its customers from the selection of grade to the right application.
  • Sanyo Seiki is the only company in the Philippines that has a product warranty of one year. It guarantees after-sale service and with this, its customers have ready access to the engineers and experts whom they can consult on the application, sorting, identification and maintenance of the stainless steel products.
  • Sanyo Seiki as one of the manufacturers of stainless steel in the world is always available to its customers in the Philippines. From the President of the company down to its Account Management Group, it adds value to every conversation and inquiry.
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  • Employees from its plants conduct tests to check on the bursting pressure and they customize the stainless steel parts into the client’s desired sizes. Even requests to polish the products to obtain that perfect luster have been readily accommodated in the plants. 

We take your business of selecting the right grade seriously.  Think of it as selecting the right vehicle for its intended use so your drive will be smooth and worry-free.

More importantly, we use plasma welding technology for our stainless steel pipes.

As the leading and sole manufacturer of stainless steel products in the Philippines, we are the authority.  We produce the materials as our clients need them and they don’t worry about warehousing.

We are always on time and on target.

When specifying stainless steel chemistry, it is important to reference the appropriate ASTM standard and the Unified Numbering System (UNS) number associated with the specific alloy or stainless steel grade.  UNS numbers are internationally recognized specific chemistry requirements. If common names such as AISI or ASTM numbers are referenced, the UNS number should also be used to avoid confusion.

Here are the labels we recommend that you look for on the body mark of our products that go out of our plant:  the brand name, the stock keeping unit (SKU), the grade, the finish, and the secondary process.

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